Character Concepts


The High Priest  A Parker
Part of the inner circle
34 years old male

Only 29 years old you took over this Chapter from D Jordan five years ago. Giving him your wife as a mistress probably eased the transition. Filled with ambition and a hunger to learn, you use the chapter to gain enlightenment. The people around you are there to help you in this pursuit, and although you have friends and lovers you sometimes see the people in your chapter more like functions than real human beings.
Torn by the tricky family politics of juggling your wife and your lover, you feel a great need for control. And it is slowly slipping out of your hands.
#Power #Dysfunctional Polyamory #Manipulation #Social Status #Fall from power #Despair #Love

The Writer J Holland
Part of the inner circle
40 years old male

You joined the church four years ago and quickly rose in rank thanks to your close connection to the leader, and your relationship with his wife M Parker. You are a writer of fantastic tales, and now you live a reality stranger than your wildest dreams. You take delight in your position and the life you lead, but you are greedy. And power tastes sweet. Who is to say you couldn’t be the leader of your own church one day? You spin your web, gathering allies. That is why you made sure to seduce T Jones before D Jordan the old pervert got his hands on them when they arrived about a year ago, making them loyal to you above everyone else. You cannot help but toying with the idea of taking things further, it is comfortable here in the top.. But would not being a living God be even more comfortable?
#Ambition #False Belief #Dysfunctional Polyamory #Friendships #Betrayals #Social Status #Manipulation #Writing

The High Priestess M Parker
Part of the inner circle
33 years old female

You used to love your husband A Parker. These days you suspect you hate him. It was all fun and games in the beginning, before he started to go mad. Mad and distant. Now you find yourself trapped in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of crazy people who have completely lost their way. The only ones that makes any sense is your life partner D Jordan and lover J Holland. Things were better when he was in power. Your relationship started with a sign, given to your husband from the powers that be, and grew to something beautiful despite the age difference between you. You cling to that love when everything else is in turmoil. And you know that the two of you were meant to rule. Meant to be in charge. It is just a matter of time, and who knows better than you what your husband’s weaknesses are?
#Ambition #Dysfunctional #Polyamory #Power #Abuse #Doubt in faith #Family #responsibility #Bad self image

The Old Leader D Jordan
Part of the inner circle
62 year old male

You used to be the leader of this Chapter, then all of a sudden everything changed. You were asked to step down from you position by the Founder. You had little choice and even if the blowback was sweetened by your new lover M Parker it still hurt. 
What was at first a movement infused with youth and ambition has turned into a dangerous hunger for power and enlightenment in your current leader, and you worry. Perhaps you were never meant to step down? Perhaps A Parker is only abusing the privilege given to him so easily? Your lover M Parker who is his legal wife says that the two of you are the ones chosen by the powers that be, and that you should take back control over the Chapter, but you are still hesitating, biding your time.
Although you love her, lately she has started to become too… old for you. Your eyes drifts more and more to the younger new Adepts of the chapter distracting you from politics.
#Power struggle #Pedophilia #Unhealthy sexual relationships #Abuse of power #Love #True Faith #Leadership

The Chosen one C Hunter
Part of the inner circle
23 year old female

You are special, and you know it. Yours is the womb that will bring forth the new Antichrist, and you are the vessel for transformation. It has been written and it shall be done. All of your life you felt lost, and now, finally you have found your place in the universe. The veil has been removed for your eyes and you finally see clearly, a purpose, a home. You deserve respect, and adoration. And you demand it. But you also know how fragile your elevated position is. How important it is that everything goes to plan. How all the plans of your love and leader rests on your capability to conceive. Will you be able to fulfill your destiny?
#Brainwash #Fertility #Dysfunctional Polyamory #Social Status  #Love #Ambition #True Faith

The Ambitious L Gardner
Part of the Inner circle
25 year old female

You are beautiful, and you are aware of it. You are also aware of the power that gives you and you are not afraid to use it. When you first found the church you were broken, a victim. But the newly gained knowledge of the secrets of the church changed that. Now you see your path clearly. You climbed quickly in the ranks, and no one noticed. Playing people against each other, slowly getting closer and closer to the top. Making friends with men like J Holland, recruiting loyal supporters like your puppy P Davies. Sooner or later you will reach your goal. Total control, whether by manipulation or a complete overtaking, and you cannot wait. Then finally you will be truly safe.
Perhaps then the nightmares will stop haunting you, letting you be free once and for all.
#Manipulation #Ambition #Trauma #Sexual #Social Status #Charismatic

The Starchild B Johnson
Part of the Middle Circle 
16 years old any gender

You knew from the moment you were born that you were the new Antichrist. You grew up adored and revered, every childish whim obeyed. Until five years ago when all of a sudden your whole world was turned upside down. Your leader D Jordan stepped down, and instead A Parker took over the church, explaining that you were not Antichrist at all, but just a normal child that now needed to learn its place. The transition has not been easy, and you are filled with resentment. You know now your whole life has been built on lies, but you do not have the power to expose them. Most of the time you just want it all to fall and crumble, the way it did for you 5 years ago. But what power do you have to make a change? Nothing. You are looking for a way out, but you have never lived in the real world and it scares you sometimes. You do not even know where you would start, trying to get away from here.
#Fall from grace #Indoctrination #Loss of faith#Abuse #Trauma

The Fallen Star I Johnson
Part of the Middle Circle
39 years old female

Once you were the Pale Virgin. Once you were the High Priestess and stood at D Jordans side, ready to bring forth and raise the new Antichrist. You even did. For 11 years you were the inverted Mother Mary and everyone was crawling at your feet, and your child was the Antichrist born to this world. Then, everything went to shit. D Jordan was replaced by A Parker and you and your child were thrown to the bottom of the pile, having to slowly crawl your way back. D Jordan even threw you aside as a lover to replace you with M Parker, and your resentment knows no bounds. You hate them all, you see through their lies, but you have no way out. Trapped in a church you no longer believe in with nowhere to go you are torn between the urge to make it all burn and the fragile hope of starting again somehow, finding love and consolation.
#Humiliation #Fall from grace #Family #Motherhood #Anger #Resentment #Doubt #Anger #Revenge 

The Recruiter F Worthing
Part of the Middle Circle
24 years old any gender

You found the church through J Holland, after meeting him when you sent in a short story to one of the pulp fiction magazines he was an editor for. He quickly became a mentor for you. You had always dreamt about fantastic things, now he showed you that these things might not be fantasies at all, but reality. You found a home with the church, a family. Safety. And you are dedicated to showing more new souls the way. You are good at it too – charismatic, young and approachable. And you have no scruples using that to attract more people to the church and the true path. Within the walls of your home you feed on the feeling of being adored and wanted. Of feeling special. You are not the one to keep to one source for that attention and confirmation that is like fuel to you.
#Dysfunctional Polyamory #Flirtyfishing #Ambition #Sexuality #Jealousy #Ambition #Social Status #Freedom

The Secret keeper H Wren
Part of the Middle circle
58 years old any gender

You are the one who listens. No one seems to mind sharing with you, and you don’t mind listening. You lost your own voice a long time ago. Your church is built on honesty, but still there are the things no one dares speaking about, not even during the Sharings. But they tell you, and you gather these truths and secrets like small sparkling jewels. They are the real power. You know that and the leaders know that. The circles are just a sham. The true power lies in listening. You could use it if you wanted. You haven’t yet though. No… for now you are just biding your time. Because you like it here! You like this life. The community. This is your family and here you can indulge in anything or anyone you want.  So instead you collect these secrets like weapons to keep, for whenever the foundation starts to crack, so that when the tower falls, you can make sure it falls the way you want it to.
#Manipulation #Politics #Sadism #Family #Loneliness #Rape #Lies #Nonbeliever #No empathy

The Poet W Langley
Part of the Middle circle
64 years old any gender

If you believe in the church? Well sometimes you do… What you always believe in though, is art. And your poetry has greatly benefited from the church and living at the Mansion. You feel like Byron and Shelley sometimes. All you are missing is some more artists that can help you in your creative pursuits. Then again, the creativity of the leaders in coming up with new rituals and dogmas is… baffling and impressive. You are here, not like so many others that have nothing else, but because this is all you ever really wanted. Sex, parties, inspiration. And you are willing to do a lot to protect that. Even worship Satan if that makes everyone else happy. Lately your inspiration has started to run dry though, and your trips on Peyote have started to run longer and weirder. Are you slowly losing your mind to decadence? Or is the drugs truly the key to unlock your inspiration once more?
#Art #Creativity #Decadence #Community #Nonbeliever #Drugs #Addiction #Loneliness #Lost chances

The Scientist C Goldstein
Part of the Outer circle
35 years old any gender

You were always a researcher, someone who wanted to reach further than anyone had gone before. You were clever, a brilliant mind with new ground-breaking ideas. This led you into research in rocket fuel. It was an obvious career for someone like you but your mind was bigger than bias and prejudice. You wanted to help do something that changed the world. Helping man reach outer space was the perfect way of doing it. You never liked being restricted by conventions so when you found Magick and the church you realized that there was potential there. Untapped raw power. You dove quickly and deeply into the esoteric. Perhaps the world isn’t ready for your mind, and ideas, but A Parker certainly is and you, ever driven to do something bigger and better, feel like you have found your path. A combination of Science and Magick will be the way to a new brighter world.
Your studies and your magickal work is only distracted by your relationships to some of the others in the commune. Your budding feelings for I Johnson, and H Wren’s relentless attention to you that you cannot escape.
#Love #True Belief #Rape #Family #Brainwashing #Abuse 

The Diplomat G Marks
Part of the Outer circle
36 years old male

You always felt restless in your life. Never content. Until you met F Worthing. The day F came into your life was the day everything changed. You fell in love completely and utterly. You would have followed F anywhere, and you did, leaving a marriage, children, a brilliant career, all for F. Now you are here and F is not yours, but… everyone’s apparently and you are frustrated and torn between wanting to stay and fight for F’s affection or just give up and leave. Not that you have much out there. You used to be a diplomat, and that gave you useful skills. However you left that life and burnt the bridges for F’s sake. Instead you try to negotiate peace in the commune. You know how to find common ground between fighting parties. And there are a lot of fighting parties here. Meanwhile you are forced to see F together with their new recruit feeling discarded, well aware you are surrounded by insane people believing in a false Prophet. You feel trapped with nowhere to go, no money, no safety and no friends except the dysfunctional family you are trying to keep peace in.
#Dysfunctional Polyamory #Jealousy #Nonbeliever #Longing #Unrequited love #Regret

The Outcast T Jones
Part of the Outer Circle
18 years old any gender

All you ever wanted was a family that didn’t try to tear you apart. You never understood it, your god abiding family who believed in the cane but never loving thy neighbor. You ran away from the hell that was your strict controlling parents over two years ago. Working as a farm hand for a year you heard about the commune. About the strange people living there, about the community. And you felt it, the calling. About a year ago you came and knocked on the door and asked to be taken in. J Holland immediately saw the potential in you and took you under your wing. You quickly entered into a relationship with him, and you had ever felt so loved and so safe. Unfortunately the love was selfish.
D Jordan saw that in you. How you wanted J above everyone else and to save your soul, and help your journey to enlightenment D Jordan suggested you should move out of the bedroom to the sofa in the living room. You miss J but you understand how necessary the separation is. To teach you and help you grow. You are very thankful to D Jordan for helping you better yourself.
#Unhappy love #Brainwashing #True Believer #Low Status #Inappropriate age differences #Abuse

The Seeker P Davies
22 years old any gender

You always felt a little bit unsatisfied in your life. Like something was lacking. Until you met L Gardner. She was not only beautiful, but interesting. For the first time you felt like you were having an actually stimulating conversation. She introduced you to the church and the doctrine and you were immediately hooked. You might only be an Adept, but you are determined to rise quickly in the ranks. To impress L perhaps, but also to gain more knowledge. You know this is the beginning of the adventure of your life, and you cannot wait for what is in store. You are craving affection, attention and approval from the leaders of this new family you are a part of, and you are willing to cross many boundaries in order to get it.
Where exactly you draw your own line is still not certain for you, all you know is that this is what you have been looking for for so long.
#Dysfunctional Polyamory #Jealousy #Love #True Belief #Ambition #Dedication #new arrival #Abuse

The Lost S Clark
19 years old any gender

You grew up being a child prodigy. You hated it then, but once it was lost you grew to long for the feeling of importance and meaning it gave you. The older you get, the more lost you feel in the world. Growing very sick, almost dying as a teenager did not help this at all.
When F Worthing came into your life you felt like maybe this could be the thing you had been missing for so long. A way to balance the fear and the feeling of pointlessness that festers inside you. You are fiercely protective of your younger sibling E Clark, but you also feel like there is a rift between you. You feel indebted to them, from the way they always had to stand in your shadow when you were growing up, and now is the time you need to make amends, but at what cost? When you first came her, brought by F Worthing you thought this would be a home for you and your younger sibling. But now you start to wonder, if it might just be another kind of prison.
#Dysfunctional Polyamory #Jealousy #Doubt in the faith #Family #Responsibility #Abuse

The Found E Clark 
16 years old any gender

Growing up you always knew you were never good enough. However much you tried you would never measure up to your older sibling and you grew to resent them for it. They were always special, always the one in the spotlight.
Then they got sick, and you felt guilty. Now you are here, S brought you here to get away from that house. The silent disappointment of your parents. And here you have found all the things you never knew you missed. A true family that really loves you, for who you are. WHo sees you, not like a shadow to your older sibling but for your own worth and merit. Here you have found friends, maybe even love. Here you have found Home, and you never want to leave again!
#Brainwashing #Pedophilia #Family #Abuse #True Belief #Friendship #Hope