Voices from earlier runs


”Ultraliberal satanists try and fails to build a community.”

”Deranged sex cult falls to pieces”

”A larp about a dysfunctional free-love collective practicing occult blood rituals and bickering about daily chores. An experience centered around destructive relationships, a lack of personal space and what magic really is like when you believe in it.”

”A 50s satanistic Cult with lots of rituals, some awkward sex and arguing over bathroom time.”

”Satanist sex cult tries to summon antichrist but cannot figure out everyday conflict resolution, nor stay off the drugs.”

”An intimate and slow, yet powerful blast of type 2 fun.”

”A larp about a 1950s’ community clinging to their delusional idea of satanic magic, spiced up with unerotic, awkward sex and arguing about doing the housework.”

”A larp about closeness and how long you are willing to go to find a place where you belong. And also about conviction, how much are you ready to hurt people you love for your persuasion.”

”All taboos had been broken, and fragility was the only sin. So we had to learn how to start loving each other to find new hearts to break.”

”Honestly, no description could ever come close to conveying the amplitude of this experience. The combination of fascinating themes, excellent organizing and a lovely player group made this the best larp I ever went to. I had the best time, forever grateful.”

”Not the fifties you imagine.”

”A highly disfunctional commune that uses a fucked-up cult to rationalize their pettiness and loss of human decency.”

”Fucking is just fucking but some kinds of fucking makes you really uncomfortable.”

”Damaged people dragging each other down in the name of love, truth and the Antichrist. You cannot spell ’dysfunctional’ without ’fun’, when a messed up satan-sex-cult combines everyday communal living with summoning the Antichrist.”