Themes and Content


This is not a larp about feeling sexy and summoning the devil. Nor is it a larp about the supernatural. This is a larp about the annoyance of communal living. Hierarchies that are not outspoken but understood, dysfunctional relationships and lies.

The style of this larp aim to be realistic. The characters are people who for one reason or another find themselves in a pretty dysfunctional commune and try to make a life for themselves there. Although the subject matter sometimes can feel comical or odd to us, we aim to create a feeling of real people struggling to find a place for themselves in the world and within the hierarchy of a cult.
If you want to decadently wallow in madness this is not the larp for you. But, if you want to argue with your lovers wife over whose time it is to do the dishes while off your head on peyote, we hope you will sign up!

This larp will contain:

  • Play on sexism, binary gender roles and patriarchy
  • Nudity
  • Play on drug abuse and alcohol
  • Play on sex, including underage sex, pedohilia and orgies
  • Rituals
  • Arguments over whose time it is to do the dishes
  • Play on brainwashing

This larp will NOT contain:

  • Play on homophobia/biphobia/transphobia
  • Play on racism
  • Shaming of offgame attributes
  • Supernatural activity such as possessions
  • Off game drunkness
  • Real life sexual acts

Of course your are expected to follow Swedish law. Even though we in game will be dealing with some tough subjects such as sexism and gender binary norms it does not mean that any comments in those lines will be allowed outside the larp. By applying for a spot at Lord of Lies you also agree to abide these rules, forbidding any kind of derogatory or hateful speech based on other participants gender identity(s), body shape or body parts, ableism, sexuality or ethnicity. Failure to comply with theses boundaries will lead to exclusion from the event.

A moderate amount of alcohol will be allowed during the larp but if we find that you are too intoxicated to be completely in control we will remove you from play.


Lord of Lies is a larp about trying and failing at being a Satanic Sexcult
Themes includes power structures, exploitation, unity, and relationships.