The larp will take place in january 2021, in Sweden. The larp will be played in English.

Lord of Lies is a 4 day long event:

Day 1: Workshops and Act 1
Day 2: Act 2
Day 3: Workshops and Act 3. Afterparty
Day 4: Cleaning and leaving the site

We will have different tickets on offer for the larp ranging from Donation tickets to Reduced tickets for people with less means The standard ticket will cost about 3400 sek or 350€.

Food and sleeping:
We will offer accommodation on air mattresses and/or beds. Distribution of the sleeping areas will be done based on in-game status. If you have special needs in regards to your sleeping arrangements, let us know and we will find a solution that works for you both in and off game. Food will be served three times a day with availability for in-between snacks. All the food will be vegetarian and any special needs or allergies will be taken into consideration. It will mainly be cooked by staff from Atropos, but you might be asked to help out from time to time as an in game mechanic, especially if you are playing a woman or a lower circle character. It is always possible to opt out of helping out in the kitchen. It is to be seen as a play opportunity and not as a chore.

The venue we are currently considering requires a car to get to it. We will look into the possibility to arrange pick up and drop off from the closest train station at set times. More information regarding this and the venue itself will follow when the venue has been set, as well as information of accessibility.

It will most likely be possible to arrive a day earlier if needed. More information on all things practical will follow.

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