The larp will take place in August 2023, close to Skara, Sweden and runs for 16 participants per run. The larp will be played in English.
Run 1: 18th of august to 21th of august
Run 2: 22nd of august to 25th of august

Lord of Lies is a 4 day long event:

Day 1: Workshops and Act 1
Arrival at the latest 13.00
Workshops and dinner
Larp starts around 20.00

Day 2: Act 2

Day 3:
Act 3. Fleeting time
Starts around 9 and ends around 15.00
Act 4. starts around 15.00
Larp ends around 22.00

Day 4:
Cleaning and leaving the site 13.00 at the latest

Standard ticket 3500 sek or 330€.
Sponsor ticket 4200 sek or 390 €.
Subsidized ticket 2500sek or 230 €.

Food and sleeping:

EDIT: Since it has come up a small disclaimer here. A big part of the game design is the sleeping arrangements and the way this works both as a way to demonstrate social status and creating the in-game feeling of friction. It is also a way to play on intimacy and relationships. This means we do not promise gender separated sleeping since the sleeping arrangement may and even should change during the larp.
We also have a limited amount of beds and rooms which means that we might not be able to offer private rooms. Those solutions are reserved primarily for people with medical conditions meaning they need the privacy. we will of course always try and find a good solution despite this. END EDIT

We will offer accommodation on mattresses and/or beds. Distribution of the sleeping areas will be done based on in-game status. If you have special needs in regards to your sleeping arrangements, let us know and we will find a solution that works for you both in and off game. Food will be made by the participants and is planned to be served 3 times a day with availability for in-between snacks. All the food will be vegetarian and any special needs or allergies will be taken into consideration. It will mainly be cooked by you participants, especially if you are playing a woman or a lower circle character. It is always possible to opt out of helping out in the kitchen. It is to be seen as a play opportunity and not as a chore. Someone from Atropos will always be available to cook the food if no one in the player group is interested in doing so.

The venue is placed outside of Skara, Sweden and accessible by car. Try to arrange commute together with some of your co-players. If impossible contact the organizers and we will help you get from the closest train station in Skara to the venue.

Important Dates
Sign up opens 15th of january 2023
Sign up closes 1th of february 2023
Last date to pay 1th of april 2023